Michael Slepian

What skills did you gain that you found to be advantageous from being part of the group? 
I think the most valuable experience I gained while working in the lab was interacting with participants. I gained experience in running experiments, including how to act consistently across participants while still being an engaging experimenter. Participants can act in unexpected ways, and during my time in the lab I learned how to respond in these situations.

What are you doing now? 
Currently, I'm about to graduate Syracuse University as a psychology major and neuroscience minor. I've worked in a number of social psychology labs at Syracuse, and am collaborating with faculty at Syracuse and Tufts on a few projects of my own. Finally, I'm joining the Social Psychology PhD program at Tufts for this upcoming school year.

Do you have any tips for current lab members?
A tip I would offer to current lab members is see how you can get involved in projects that interest you. If there's something you're passionate about, or if you have an interesting research question that you'd like to investigate, take an active role in the research process: design your own study and conduct your own experiments.