Christine Hardy

What skills did you gain that you found to be advantageous from being part of the group? 
I learned how to conduct a research study and present/publish. This was very helpful and necessary for graduate studies. 

What have you been doing since you graduated?

I went into a Masters program (organizational psychology) at Columbia University right after graduating Rutgers. I was considering staying for my PHD but decided to work for awhile. I have been doing Human Capital consulting, focusing on org development and organizational readiness, talent management, change management, leadership and stakeholder alignment and learning. I never went back for the PHD but found that it is not really required for a majority of positions unless you want to teach. However, a masters degree is a definite requirement. 

What are you doing now?

I am still doing Human Capital consulting 

Do you have any tips for current lab members?

Your lit review is going to be the most time consuming because it needs to be comprehensive. You know you've done a good job when you feel like you've turned over every rock and things start feeling redundant. Also, when doing your studies, tap into your friends in other majors. For my Henry Rutgers Thesis, I needed to build a simple data entry program as part of the experiment...not knowing anything about coding or programming, I had my friend who was a computer science major build it for me.