Erin Costino

What skills did you gain that you found to be advantageous from being part of the group? 

Since it was the second lab for which I worked, I learned how to function in a different research environment, which has since been invaluable to me (and I recommend!).  I also learned how to assist in developing research studies from the ground up.


What have you been doing since you graduated? 

I decided to no longer focus on this area of psychology.  Instead, I began working at a major Los Angeles Political Talk Radio station and became more active in local politics (in Southern California).


What are you doing now? 

I was recently admitted to a Ph.D program at the University of California, Irvine, in Political Science with a concentration in Political Psychology and will begin this fall. (Fall of 2009)


Do you have any tips for current lab members? 

Speak with Dr. Aiello when you are able to do so.  This helps greatly with staying clear on what is required of you as a research assistant, and he can write a better letter of recommendation for you if he knows you! 

Second, get to know the graduate students.  They know the in's and out's of the lab and will be able to assist you directly with lab tasks, and, because research can sometimes be daunting, they're great advice givers!

Finally, show initiative.  There are a lot of great things to learn about the research process if you make the effort.  Not only will Dr. Aiello and the graduate students notice, but it will help you to get the most out of working in this research lab.