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11/25/2014 15:30

Special meeting, "Graduate School in Social and I/O Psychology: Tips and Strategies," was held Th.,11/11/14

11/04/2014 20:22
For those who are interested in going on in the fields of Social and I/O Psychology and for students applying to I/O or Social Psych grad schools, I held my annual orientation meeting at 7:00PM on Thursday, Nov. 11th in Tillett 605. Juniors and seniors were especially encouraged to attend.

Now interviewing potential Research Team members - Application

10/22/2014 21:48
To download our Research Team application, click  here . Once you have completed your application, please send it to us at: Thank you.

Appearance on The History Channel

10/22/2014 14:39
Below is the clip from my appearance on the History Channel show United Stats of America.

Organizational and Personnel Psychology Was Offered In the Summer, 2014 and will be again in 2015

10/03/2014 16:21
Organizational and Personnel Psychology was offered in the Summer of 2014 (for the third time as a Hybrid course) and will be offered as well in the Summer of 2015. 01:830:373: Organizational and Personnel Psychology (3)   The application of psychological principals, theories, and...

Katrina Book Chapter Published based on NSF-funded Research

10/22/2010 14:38
Jack Aiello's chapter with Lyra Stein Protecting our assets: Private and public responses to Katrina in the book entitled Katrina's Imprint: Race and Vulnerability in America has been published for the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (summer, 2010).   Hurricane Katrina exposed a...

Publication on Social Interruptions in the January 2009 issue of the Journal of Applied Social Psychology

10/22/2009 22:44
Carton, A. & Aiello, John R. (2009). Control and Anticipation of Social Interruptions: Reduced Stress and Improved Task Performance. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 39(1), 169-185. View Full Text   Abstract: Social interruptions are frequent occurrences that often have distressing...

The Effect of Challenge and Threat Appraisals Under Evaluative Presence Paper Appeared In JASP in August, 2010

02/19/2009 18:34
Article published in the August, 2010 issue of the Journal of Applied Social Psychology. Feinberg, J., & Aiello, J.R. (2010). The Effect of Challenge and Threat Appraisals Under Evaluative Presence. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 40 (8), 2071-2104. Abstract Top of...

In The News: Quoted in the Sunday Edition of the NJ Star-Ledger

01/29/2009 22:41
"The contrast between the gloom of the economy and the possibility of better things ahead has given many a feeling of hope, creating the desire to get more involved," said John R. Aiello, a Rutgers University professor and expert in social and organizational psychology. "That can translate into...
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