In The News: Quoted in the Sunday Edition of the NJ Star-Ledger

01/29/2009 22:41

"The contrast between the gloom of the economy and the possibility of better things ahead has given many a feeling of hope, creating the desire to get more involved," said John R. Aiello, a Rutgers University professor and expert in social and organizational psychology.

"That can translate into the volunteerism that is being asked for, and community work that is part of Obama's background," said Aiello. "He has a torch that can lead to all kinds of opportunities for young people, and there is a huge potential for channeling those energies -- with kids in particular."

Jack was quoted in the article "Obama and web inspire a tide of volunteerism" found in the January 25th Sunday Edition of the NJ Star-Ledger.

A PDF version of the full article is also available.