Where are they now?

Katheleen Love - Class of '75 

Current employer: Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI )

Current Position: President and CEO

Job Description: Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI), one of the leading media research companies in the world. We provide the largest and most reliable and projectable database of consumer behavior in the U.S., conducting personal interviews with 26,000 adults each year. We also provide the audience ratings for all U.S. consumer magazines.

Graduate School: Ph.D. at Michigan State, transferred back to The Graduate School at CUNY and advanced to candidacy in 1980.

Kathryn Zukof - Class of '75


Current employer: JM Huber Corporation, a diverse multinational supplier of engineered materials, natural resources, and technology based services.

Current Position: Director of Learning

Job Description: I am responsible for four key areas:  1) leadership and management development, which includes running Huber's Mini-MBA program in partnership with Emory University, and providing other programs and services that support the development of high potential employees and executives; 2) organizational learning/knowledge management, which includes leading Huber's After Action Review initiative and other programs designed to help teams learn from their own work, improve performance, and share knowledge across the organization; 3) organizational consulting, which includes helping business leaders develop and implement strategies for addressing culture, communication, and people  issues associated with mergers and acquisitions, as well as general organizational development consulting; and 4) managing Huber's relationship with Columbia University, as it establishes at the university the JM Huber Institute for Learning in Organizations.

Graduate School: Ph.D. at Rutgers

Audrey Korsgaard - Class of '75


Current employer: Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina

Current Position: Associate professor of management and organizational behavior

Job Description: My current research interests concern how decision-making processes, governance, values, and self-interest influence cooperation within and between organizations.

Graduate School: I went directly to graduate school at New York University, where I earned a Masters and PhD in I/O psychology. After completing my degree, I spent a year the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University as a visiting assistant professor. I joined the faculty at the University of South Carolina in 1991, where I've remained since.

 Liz Hough (A. Elizbeth Holland)

Current employer: Rutgers University

Current Position: Director for Rutgers University's New Brunswick Summer and Winter Sessions. I also worked for 12 1/2 years for California State University, Sacramento as a visiting lecturer, a continuing education program manager, a director of development, and, most recently, director for self-support programs for the College of Business Administration.

Job Description: see above

Graduate School: I graduated from Douglass College in May, 1976, and entered the Ph.D. program in Social Psychology at Northwestern University the following fall. I earned my master's degree and doctoral candidacy, but never completed writing up my dissertation research.

Vik Advani - Class of '95

Current employer: Rutgers University and United States District Court Judge for the District of New Jersey, in Newark

Current Position: Law Clerk to The Honorable William J. Martini, United States District Court Judge for the District of New Jersey, in Newark.  Also an Adjunct Professor with Rutgers School of Management & Labor Relations, where I teach Employment Law and Labor Law.

Job Description: see above

Graduate School: I submitted my resignation with Philips in 1996 to pursue an ad hoc joint graduate degree program with Rutgers Law School (Juris Doctor) and the Rutgers School of Human Resource Management (Masters), and I graduated from both schools in May 1999.  Upon graduation from law and management school, I clerked for the Honorable Bryan D. Garruto, Judge - Superior Court in Middlesex County for a year, and then joined a Plaintiff's civil rights litigation firm in Somerville, New Jersey.  I am now employed with Judge Martini, who is a federal judge in Newark.

Beatrice Kwok - Class of '97

Current employer: none

Current Position: Student, attending Kean University to obtain my Masters and certification in School Psychology.  Kean offered a graduate assistantship to me and I am working at the Institute of Child Study on campus. As part of the assistantship, my tuition at Kean is waived.

Job Description: I worked in several law firms as a corporate paralegal.  In 2000, I moved to California for over a year and worked in a large international law firm there. 

Graduate School: see above

David Spedlbrink - Class of '98


Current employer: Domestic diamond powder division

Current Position: Salesman

Job Description: none specified

Graduate School: none specified

Julietta Shoaf - Class of '99

Current employer: New York City based recruiting firm

Current Position: Executive recruiter  

Job Description: I specifically recruit for Analysts, Associates and senior level positions at Investment Banks, Hedge Funds and other financial services firms. 

Graduate School: I am currently attending Columbia University's Masters Program in Organizational Psychology on a part-time basis.  I expect to graduate in December 2003. 

Beatrice Bhend - Class of '01

Current employer: none specified                                          

Current Position: traveling     

Job Description: I am currently traveling in South America. Right now I am in Ushuaia on Fireland (Argentina).

Graduate School: I am currently attending Columbia University's Masters Program in Organizational Psychology on a part-time basis.  I expect to graduate in December 2003. 

Brittany Boyd - Class of '02

Current employer: none specified                                          

Current Position: none

Job Description: Since graduating in May 2002, I have decided to apply to Masters Programs in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. 

Graduate School: none specified

Suzanne A. Sciarappa – Class of ‘05

Current Position:  none

Current Position:  student at UMDNJ-SOM

Job Description: Upon graduation, I accepted a position as a medical sales representative for Bates Medical, a respiratory equipment provider. After two years of working, I am now embarking on a new phase of my life as a medical student at UMDNJ-SOM.

GraduateSchool: UMDNJ - SOM



Joseph M. Sperlazza

Current Employer: ACTual Solutions (www.actual-solutions.com)

Current Position:  Developer of ACTual Solutions

Job Description: ACTual Solutions, LLC was created to provide important services for families, schools, businesses and communities. Our broad and deep talent/resource pool enables us to provide clients with a rich range of high-quality tutoring, personal coaching, school program planning and evaluation, professional development, and organizational development services at very reasonable rates.

Graduate School: Dr. Sperlazza holds a Psy.D. in Organizational Psychology, and also a Professional diploma in school psychology as well as a Master’s degree in Student Personnel Services. During his career Doctor Sperlazza has worked with a variety of organizations within individual, group, and organization level contexts. He has initiated and developed many education programs, served as co-coordinator of the Fairleigh Dickinson University QUEST (teacher preparation) program, and provided services to small and large businesses. Doctor Sperlazza currently serves on the New Jersey Department of Education Character Education Advisory Board and – through the New Jersey Center for Character Education and the Character Education Partnership – trains school staff that is responsible for developing effective character education programs in their schools and/or districts.